• White House with Flag at Half Mast, Side A
    Keystone View Company
    west view
    Rose Garden
    This stereograph by Keystone View Company shows the White House with its flag lowered to half mast in mourning of President Warren G. Harding, whose body was lying in state. While in San Francisco toward the end of his "Voyage of Understanding," Harding suddenly died on August 2, 1923, most likely from a heart attack. The caption reads: "The White House, Flag at Half Mast White President Harding's Body Was Lying in State." Taken from above the West Wing, this photograph overlooks the Rose Garden. Prior to its transformation by Rachel Lambert Mellon in 1962, the West Garden went through several iterations. This photograph shows the space as a Rose Garden, as planned by First Lady Ellen Axson Wilson and George Burnap in 1913.