• President Harding's Body Lying in State, East Room, Side B
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    This is the reverse view of image number 1112008. The text reads: "PRESIDENT HARDING’S BODY LYING IN STATE, EAST ROOM OF THE WHITE HOUSE. President Harding has returned to Washington. A little over two years ago he came to Washington with high hopes, lofty purposes and strong determination to serve his country, which he loved, to the best of his ability. In the few short months intervening between these visits he accomplished much. His labors now are ended. It is fitting for us to review some of the out-standing accomplishments of his short administration. When he was inaugurated the world had entered upon the period of reconstruction following the greatest war in all history. America was still technically at war with Germany and Austria. Although hostilities had ceased more than two years before, no treaty had been signed between it and these nations. One of the first tasks was to cause peace treaties to be signed with these countries that should be just and, at the same time, advantageous to all the parties concerned. This was done. The next great historical event in the administration of President Harding was the assembling of the Conference on Disarmament. As the years go by, this will, without doubt, stand out as the greatest historical event in the relations of nations. A few days before his death Mr. Harding said, 'The outstanding historical monumental achievement is the World’s Conference on the Limitation of Armaments. Only a few days ago the Government of the French gave the ratification which makes unanimous the approval of the nations concerned and confirms the dawn of a new era in international co-operation for world peace.' This conference was triumphant in two accomplishments: It relieved and limited the burdens and found a way to remove the causes of misunderstanding which lead to war. Copyright by The Keystone View Company"