• Photoshoot for the Cover of the First White House Guidebook
    Robert F. Sisson
    Why is there a firetruck in front of the White House? It is there to help photographer George F. Mobley get the perfect picture for the cover of the White House guidebook before its debut in June 1962.
  • White House Kitchen Garden, 2019.
    Matthew D’Agostino
    Show off your green thumb with this background of the White House Kitchen Garden. Did you know that the White House Kitchen Garden supplies almost 2000 pounds of produce to White House Kitchen and any food not used by the White House is donated to charity?
  • White House Library 2016
    Matthew D’Agostino
    Grab a book and settle down in a comfortable chair with the White House Library in 2016 as your backdrop.
  • Table Settings for Denmark State Dinner
    John E. Fletcher
    Imagine yourself and your friends at a beautiful dinner party with the table settings for the State Dinner in honor of King Frederick IX of Denmark which took place on October 11, 1960.
  • Rose Garden in 2015
    Matthew D’Agostino
    Caption: Enjoy a little springtime with this backdrop of the Rose Garden from 2015. Did you know the flowering tree is one of the four saucer magnolias planted in 1961?
  • Tulips in the Rose Garden
    James P. Blair
    Take a stroll through the White House Rose Garden with this photograph from April 1972. Did you know the Rose Garden used to be a vegetable garden? For most of the 19th century, the west side of the South Grounds was used for growing produce.
  • Ready for Departure, Marine One on the South Lawn
    James P. Blair
    Since helicopters were added as an official mode of transportation in 1957, members of the armed services have stood ready to convey the president by helicopter at a moment's notice. Now Marine One is ready for you, as a wallpaper background.
  • Oval Office,1975
    Joseph H. Bailey
    Turn your home office into the Oval Office! This background shows the famous workplace of the president, as it appeared during the Gerald R. Ford administration in February 1975.
  • Spring Floral Arrangement in the Green Room
    James P. Blair
    Treat your colleagues to a beautiful floral arrangement and glimpses of the Green Room and Blue Room as they were in 1966.
  • North Portico, 1962
    George F. Mobley
    Deliver meetings from in front of America's most famous residence with this background by the White House Historical Association. This aerial photograph by George F. Mobley presents a north view of the White House, the American flag on top blowing in the wind.
  • Holiday Decorations in the China Room
    Matthew D’Agostino
    Embrace the spirit of hospitality with these table settings in the China Room from the 2018 holiday decorations.