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  • Woodrow Wilson and Prize Rooster Winners
    Harris & Ewing
    White House Guests
    World War I
    This photograph is of President Woodrow Wilson with the "Big Four" prize roosters representing the premiers of the victorious powers in World War I outside the main door to the Executive Offices, later known as the West Wing. These roosters were purchased in France and, with a fifth bird (also depicted) that Wilson purchased, would be sold at auction to benefit highway-building in Alabama.
  • Wilson Addressing a Joint Session of Congress
    Harris & Ewing
    This photograph by Harris & Ewing shows President Woodrow Wilson addressing a joint session of Congress. Seated behind President Wilson are Vice President Thomas R. Marshall and Speaker of the House James Beauchamp Clark, more commonly known as Champ Clark. President Wilson gave a number of speeches to Congress, eight of which were an annual message to the country.
  • President Wilson with Allied Leaders
    World War I
    Head of State
    Presidential Visit
    This photograph shows President Woodrow Wilson with the Prime Ministers of Great Britain, France, and Italy. These World War I leaders were known as the Big Four. Left to right: David Lloyd George (Britain), Vittorio Emanuele Orlando (Italy), Georges Clemenceau (France), and Woodrow Wilson. In 1919 the Big Four met in Paris, France to negotiate the Treaty of Versailles after the end of World War I. This photograph was taken outside the Hotel Crillon in Paris.
  • Woodrow Wilson at the Liberty Day Parade
    north view
    North Portico
    This photograph shows President Woodrow Wilson at the Liberty Day Parade in his limousine. His hand is heavily bandaged and his arm is in a sling because of a burn that he had received while riding on a British tank near the White House on April 22.
  • President Wilson at Suresnes
    World War I
    This photograph shows President Woodrow Wilson speaking to a crowd at Suresnes American Cemetery and Memorial just outside of Paris, France. President Wilson visited the cemetery with his wife, First Lady Edith Bolling Galt Wilson, on Decoration Day, now Memorial Day, to remember the soldiers who died during the Great War. This visit happened during the peace treaty talks after World War I ended. Suresnes American Cemetery and Memorial holds the graves of over 1,500 American soldiers spanning both world wars.
  • Woodrow Wilson, Arlington National Cemetery
    Harris & Ewing
    presidential visit
    This photograph by Harris & Ewing shows President Woodrow Wilson speaking at the dedication of the Confederate Monument at Arlington National Cemetery on June 4, 1914.
  • President Woodrow Wilson in the Liberty Bond Tank
    Harris & Ewing
    South Grounds
    This is a photograph of President Woodrow Wilson posing inside the official Liberty Bond tank during a demonstration on the South Grounds of the White House. The tank was a novelty to most Americans, in fact it was on a loan from the British, making it an excellent tool to promote Liberty Bonds.
  • Wilson Signs the Child Labor Bill
    International News Photo, Inc.
    bill signing
    In this photograph taken on September 2, 1916 by International News Photo, Inc., President Woodrow Wilson signs the Keating-Owen Child Labor Act. The act prohibited the sale of goods from shops, factories, or canneries produced by children under 14, mines who employed children under 16, and sites that employed children under 16 for more than eight hours or after 7 in the evening until 6 in the morning.
  • Wilson-Sayre Wedding Party
    This is a photograph taken by Edmonston of the Wilson-Sayre wedding party taken on December 6, 1913. The bride Jessie Wilson is seated in the middle of the front row and behind her are the groom, Francis Sayre, and her parents, President Woodrow Wilson and First Lady Ellen Wilson.
  • Wilson Signs the Army and Navy Bill into Law
    bill signing
    Oval Office
    West Wing
    This photograph shows President Woodrow Wilson signing the Army Appropriations bill and Naval Appropriations bill into law in the Oval Office. The Army Appropriations Act allowed for the size of the army to expand. The Naval Appropriations Act provided money to increase the number of ships in the navy. President Wilson wanted to build a navy that was stronger than that of Great Britain. Also in this photo is Bernard Baruch, a Wall Street Banker who was a member of the Council of National Defense. This council was created through the Army Appropriations Act.