• Abraham Lincoln’s Last Reception
    State Floor
    East Room
    This is a color lithograph from 1865 entitled "Abraham Lincoln's Last Reception". The lithograph depicts the reception (possibly in the East Room) following his second inauguration. The print accurately depicts First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln attending the reception. Vice President Andrew Johnson, General Ulysses S. Grant, and his wife Julia Grant did not attend the event.
  • Assassination of President Lincoln
    Currier & Ives
    This lithograph print of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln was published by Currier & Ives in 1865. The assassination of President Lincoln by actor John Wilkes Booth occurred on April 14, 1865 at Ford's Theater in Washington, D.C. while "Our American Cousin", a play, was being performed. Seated in the Presidential Box along with President Lincoln and First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln were their guests, Major Henry Rathbone and his fiancé, Clara Harris. Maj. Rathbone, at left, is seen standing, confronting the assassin as he fatally shoots the president. Rathbone was stabbed during while attempting to capture Booth. The print was a popular seller at the time and was framed and hung or placed in scrapbooks in many homes.
  • John George Nicolay with Visitors in the White House Conservatory
    Mathew B. Brady
    This black and white photograph by Matthew Brady is of the Southern Plains delegation and was taken in the White House Conservatory on March 27, 1863. Interpreter William Simpson Smith and agent Samuel G. Colley stand at the left of the group and the woman at the far right is frequently identified as Mary Todd Lincoln. The delegates in the first row are, left to right: War Bonnet, Standing in the Water, and Lean Bear of the Cheyenne, and Yellow Wolf of the Kiowa. Yellow Wolf is wearing the Thomas Jefferson peace medal. The identities of the delegates in the second row are unknown.