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  • Prince of Wales at President Buchanan's Reception
    Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper
    Head of State
    East Room
    This illustration is of a reception held in honor of Albert Edward, the Prince of Wales and future king of the United Kingdom, in the East Room of the White House on October 4, 1860. The reception was hosted by President James Buchanan, likely the man standing to the Prince's right. The future King Edward VII was 18 years old at the time of this trip and toured the Capitol and various government buildings, as well as Mount Vernon.
  • McKinley State Dinner for the Diplomatic Corps
    Thure de Thulstrup
    Head of State
    Cross Hall
    State Floor
    This illustration shows a January 17, 1900 State Dinner hosted by President William McKinley and First Lady Ida Saxton McKinley in the White House Cross Hall. Dignitaries from Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Russia, Mexico, Sweden, Norway, Guatemala, Austria-Hungary, Switzerland, Denmark, Haiti, Korea, Belgium, China, Brazil, Japan, Costa Rica, Colombia, Spain, Nicaragua, France, Chile, Venezuela, Portugal, Turkey, the Argentine Republic, and the Dominican Republic were in attendance. The famous Tiffany glass screen, commissioned by Chester A. Arthur in 1882, that separated the Cross Hall from the Entrance Hall, is seen in the background.
  • Louis Kossuth
    Gyula Julius Bezeredi
    Head of State
    This statuette of Lajos Kossuth (also known as Louis Kossuth) was done by Gyula Julius Bezeredi. Kossuth was a Hungarian freedom fighter and revolutionary. During the revolution of 1848-49, he was the Governor-President of Hungary and was lauded in the United States as the father of Hungarian democracy. Bezeredi was a Hungarian sculptor who also created a statue of George Washington that sits in a park in Budapest. The White House has a small scale version of this statue of Washington in its collection. Both statues are made of bronze plaster and were presented to the White House in 1923 as a gift of Americans of Hungarian Origin.
  • Jerome Bonaparte
    Antoine-Jean Gros, baron
    Head of State
    This portrait of Jerome Bonaparte is attributed to Antoine-Jean Gros, baron, sometimes known as Jean Antoine Gros. Bonaparte was the youngest brother of Emperor Napoleon I of France. Between 1807 and 1813, he reigned as King Jerome I of Westphalia. After 1816, he was styled the Prince of Montfort. Gros was a French neoclassical painter who created multiple works of Napoleon Bonaparte and was known to the Bonaparte family.