• Abigail Adams Supervising the Hanging of the Wash in the East Room
    Gordon Phillips
    First Family
    East Room
    This oil on canvas painting was created by Gordon Phillips in 1966. It depicts First Lady Abigail Adams and her granddaughter, Susanna, watching a servant hang laundry in the unfinished East Room. When President John Adams and his family moved into the White House in 1800, many of the rooms and hallways were incomplete. The East Room could not be used as a place to host receptions, so Mrs. Adams used it to dry laundry. Susanna was the daughter of Charles Adams, the President and First Lady's second son and younger brother to future president John Quincy Adams.
  • Blue Room, Theodore Roosevelt Administration
    Charles Bittinger
    Blue Room
    This oil painting of the Blue Room was made in 1903 by Charles Bittinger. The painting, capturing the fireplace and east wall of the room, shows the room in color after the 1902 renovation overseen by Theodore Roosevelt. The Blue Room is located on the State Floor of the Executive Mansion and is famous for its oval shape, central location, and views of the Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial.
  • Something Blue: Captured by Color, 1886
    Peter Waddell
    Blue Room
    This oil painting of the Blue Room was made in 2007 by Peter Waddell. The painting captures First Lady Frances Folsom Cleveland standing in the middle of the room looking through opened windows to the South Portico. Louis Comfort Tiffany's 1882 redesign and redecoration of the room is represented in this painting with rich, bold colors. ***Interior use only for publications***
  • Composition in Red and Gold: A Comfortable Room Rendered Richly, 1883
    Peter Waddell
    Red Room
    This painting by Peter Waddell was made in 2007. The painting depicts the Red Room in 1883 during the Chester A. Arthur administration, with President Arthur's sisters, Mary and Malvine, featured in the composition. In 1882, President Arthur commissioned designer Louis Comfort Tiffany to redecorate a number of the rooms on the State Floor, including the Red Room. Comfort's redesign of the Red Room was decorated inline with the Aesthetic movement of the 19th century. The Tiffany furnishings and decor, including the copper and silver ceiling in a star motif and the Herter Brothers armchairs, are including in this composition. ***Interior use only for publications***
  • The Grand Illumination: Sunset of the Gaslight Age, 1891
    Peter Waddell
    Entrance Hall
    This oil painting of the Entrance Hall by Peter Waddell was made in 2006. The painting captures the lighting of a gaslight in 1891 during the Benjamin Harrison administration. The colored glass screen in the background was made by Louis Comfort Tiffany and was installed in the Entrance Hall to create a warmer welcoming for visitors while shielding the drawing rooms from the cold winter weather entering through the front door. ***Interior use only for publications***