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  • Lincoln Bedroom, Ford Administration
    Larry D. Kinney
    Second Floor
    Lincoln Bedroom
    This photograph of the Lincoln Bedroom was taken in August 1976 by Larry D. Kinney during the administration of Gerald R. Ford. Located on the Second Floor of the White House, in modern times the Lincoln Bedroom is used for official and personal guests of the president’s family. In the past, it served as an office and the Cabinet Room. The room became a bedroom in the family quarters during the 1902 Theodore Roosevelt renovation. The high-back bed, known as the Lincoln Bed, was purchased for the White House by First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln. While it was purchased during the Lincoln administration, the bed was probably never used by President Abraham Lincoln, nor was it originally placed in this room. Repurposed during the administration of President Harry S. Truman, the room features furniture, artwork, and refurbishing reminiscent of the 1860s. In 2005, the room underwent refurbishing under the direction of First Lady Laura Bush, enhancing the historical accuracy of the room.