• View of the East Front of the President's House, with the Addition of the North and South Porticos
    Benjamin Henry Latrobe
    east view
    North Portico
    South Portico
    This elevation drawing was created by Benjamin Henry Latrobe in 1807. The architectural drawing shows an east view of the White House, with guests entering and departing the house from the proposed North and South Porticos. The North and South Porticos were not part of James Hoban's original 1792 design for the White House. Although this drawing anticipates the prominent use of columns on the North Portico (completed ca. 1829-1820) and South Portico (completed 1824), it does not reflect the appearance of the North and South Porticos as they were constructed.
  • The President's House
    Rufus Porter
    White House
    This watercolor painting by Rufus Porter is of the White House with the sun rising behind it. Porter was an American painter and inventor who went on to found the magazine "Scientific American" in 1845.
  • George Town and Federal City, or City of Washington
    Thomas Cartwright
    Tudor Place
    Washington, D. C.
    This painting depicts Georgetown and the Federal City in 1801. Originally drawn by George Beck of Philadelphia, this engraving was done by Thomas Cartwright of London and was published by Atkins and Nightingale. The Potomac River is depicted in the painting. The buildings closer to the forefront are in Georgetown, while the ones further away make up the City of Washington.
  • A Favorable Day: The White House Stables on the Day of Grant's Second Inauguration, 1873
    Peter Waddell
    south grounds
    This painting by Peter Waddell is titled "A Favorable Day: The White House Stables on the Day of Grant's Second Inauguration, 1873." It depicts the fourth and final White House Stable as it was initially built in 1871. Waddell painted this as a part of his "An Artist Visits the White House Past" series, commissioned by the White House Historical Association. ***Interior use only for publications***
  • View of the Capitol from the President's House
    U.S. Capitol
    Washington, D.C.
    This illustration is of the view of the unfinished Capitol building from the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue.