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  • Mrs. Coolidge with Her Raccoon, Rebecca
    National Photo Company
    This photograph shows First Lady Grace Coolidge holding her pet raccoon, Rebecca. In addition to many dogs and cats, Rebecca was one of several non-traditional pets the Coolidges kept at the White House, including geese, donkeys, and a bobcat, though it is uncertain how long these rare animals stayed at the White House. Other more exotic animals were gifted to the Coolidges by foreign dignitaries such as lions, a wallaby, and a pygmy hippo.
  • Mrs. Coolidge Shows Rebecca to Children
    Herbert E. French
    Easter Egg Roll
    This black and white photograph by Herbert E. French of the National Photo Company was taken on April 18, 1927. In this photograph, First Lady Grace Coolidge introduces her pet raccoon Rebecca to a group of children attending the White House Easter Egg Roll. Though odd by today's standards, domesticated pets like raccoons, badgers, and squirrels were common at the time. The annual Easter Egg Roll dates back to 1878 and the Rutherford B. Hayes administration.