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  • President Hoover with King Tut
    Theodor Horydczak
    This photograph by Theodore Horydczak shows President Herbert Hoover with his dog, King Tut. King Tut was a Belgian police dog, also known as a Malinois, a variety of Belgian Shepherd. President Hoover's affection for King Tut was so evident that autographed photographs of the two were distributed in an attempt to warm up Hoover's steely demeanor among voters during the 1928 presidential campaign. Hoover went on to win the election and King Tut would go on to assist with the White House police force as a patrol dog.
  • Roosevelt Throws Out the World Series First Pitch
    Theodor Horydczak
    Presidential Visit
    In this black and white photograph, President Franklin D. Roosevelt is throwing the ceremonial first pitch at Game Three of the World Series held at Griffith Stadium in 1933. The Series featured the New York Giants versus the Washington Senators. The Giants clinched the baseball championship, winning four games to one.
  • East Room in the White House, Piano Corner, Close-up
    Theodor Horydczak
    East Room
    State Floor
    This color photograph depicts the East Room of the White House. On display in the center of the photograph is a 1938 Steinway and Sons piano, a gift to the White House from Steinway. Eliphalet Frazer Andrews' 1878 portrait of First Lady Martha Washington is displayed to the right of the Steinway piano.
  • Red Room, Harry S. Truman Administration
    Theodor Horydczak
    Red Room
    State Floor
    This photograph of the Red Room by Theodor Horydczak was taken around 1948 during the Harry S. Truman administration. The Red Room is one of three state parlors on the State Floor of the Executive Mansion named after a color, with the designated red dating as far back as 1845 and the James K. Polk administration. Hanging over the mantel is a portrait of President Grover Cleveland. President Truman oversaw a large renovation of the White House that lasted the duration of his second term in office.
  • White House Exterior, South Side IV
    Theodor Horydczak
    south view
    This photograph by Theodor Horydczak shows a south view of the White House. The photographer was positioned to the west of the South Portico, which puts a tree in full spring bloom at the center of the image.
  • View from Lafayette Park towards the North Front of the White House
    Theodor Horydczak
    White House
    north view
    Lafayette Park
    This black and white photograph is of Clark Mills' statue of Andrew Jackson in the center of Lafayette Square at night in the snow. The North Grounds of the White House is in the background of the photo, along with the Washington Monument. The photographer, Theodor Horydczak, was a Polish immigrant who was known for his photos of Washington D.C. landmarks.