• Lucy Payne Washington Todd
    Matthew Harris Jouett
    First Family
    This portrait of Lucy Payne Washington Todd is attributed to Matthew Harris Jouett. Lucy Payne was the sister of First Lady Dolley Payne Madison. She first married George Steptoe Washington, nephew of President George Washington. After his death, she married U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thomas Todd. Her marriage to Todd on March 29, 1812 was the first documented marriage at the White House. Jouett studied under renowned portrait painter Gilbert Stuart and painted multiple portraits of famous figures of the era.
  • Thomas Jefferson
    Matthew Harris Jouett
    This portrait of Thomas Jefferson was painted by Matthew Harris Jouett between 1817 and 1827. Jouett based his likeness upon an earlier portrait of Jefferson by renowned artist Gilbert Stuart. The Kentucky-born Jouett replicated much of Stuart's work to learn from his technique and style, and became a well-known portraitist in his own right. The author of the Declaration of Independence, Jefferson served as president from March 4, 1801 until March 4, 1809.