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  • Mary Scott Harrison McKee
    first family
    This photograph of Mary Scott Harrison McKee was taken between 1920 and 1930. Mary Scott Harrison McKee was the daughter of President Benjamin Harrison and First Lady Caroline Harrison. She was born in Indiana in 1858 and married James Mckee in 1884. The couple had two children who became national darlings when the McKee family moved to the White House upon Harrison’s election to the presidency in 1888. First Lady Caroline Harrison tragically died in 1892, so Mary assumed the role of White House hostess until the end of her father’s term. After leaving the White House, President Harrison and his children became estranged, caused by their dissatisfaction with his subsequent remarriage.
  • Four Generations of Caroline Harrison's Family
    Charles Parker
    First Family
    This photograph by Charles Parker shows four generations of First Lady Caroline Harrison's family. Left to right: Caroline Harrison; her grandson Benjamin Harrison McKee; her daughter Mary Scott Harrison McKee; her granddaughter Mary Lodge McKee; and her father, the Rev. Dr. John Scott.