• Martha Jefferson Randolph
    first family
    This photograph is of a portrait of Martha Jefferson Randolph by painter Thomas Sully. Martha Jefferson Randolph was the eldest child of Thomas Jefferson and Martha Wayles Skelton Jefferson. She received her education in Philadelphia and Paris and was praised for her intellect. In 1790, she married Thomas Mann Randolph, a Virginia politician. She supported her father's career and also served as White House hostess or first lady when she lived in the White House in 1802-03 and 1805-06. The original oil on canvas portrait by Sully was painted in 1836.
  • Martha Jefferson
    John Hutton
    This is a modern day painting by John Hutton imagining what Martha Jefferson, the wife of Thomas Jefferson would have looked like when she was alive. There are no surviving historical portraits of Mrs. Jefferson, but family tradition holds she was accomplished, well read, and beautiful. Martha Jefferson died due to complications from childbirth in 1782. Thomas Jefferson was president from 1801 to 1809.