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  • portrait
    This photograph is of First Lady Caroline Scott Harrison with her grandson Benjamin Harrison McKee, known fondly as "Baby McKee." She was married to President Benjamin Harrison and served as first lady until her death in 1892. In this photograph, the two are located on the South Portico of the White House.
  • portrait
    This is a photograph of First Lady Caroline Scott Harrison. During her time in the White House, Mrs. Harrison started a catalog of the historic china services of the White House. Mrs. Harrison was influential in the establishment of the White House China collection, showcased in the China Room of the White House. This photograph was taken at Gardner's Gallery in Washington, D.C. during the remaining years of her life, while she was still first lady.
  • portrait
    This is a portrait of future first lady Caroline Scott Harrison when she was 33 years old. As first lady, Caroline Harrison oversaw the installation of electricity in the White House. She also helped make china painting popular during that time. Harrison held china painting classes taught by her friend, and artist, Paul Putzki that were open to anyone who wanted to learn the art. Harrison's love of art started from a young age and stayed with her throughout her life.
  • portrait
    This portrait of First Lady Caroline Harrison was done by Daniel Huntington. Born in Ohio, Caroline was an accomplished musician and amateur painter. During her years in the White House she pushed to renovate and preserve the mansion, and she also served as the first president general of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR). Sadly, she died of tuberculosis at the White House on October 25, 1892, before her husband's term in office ended the following March.
  • portrait
    First Family
    This photograph by Charles Parker shows four generations of First Lady Caroline Harrison's family. Left to right: Caroline Harrison;her grandson Benjamin Harrison McKee;her daughter Mary Scott Harrison McKee;her granddaughter Mary Lodge McKee;and her father, the Rev. Dr. John Scott.
  • portrait
    This portrait of First Lady Caroline Harrison was done by Adolphe Yvon. Yvon is best known for his paintings of the Napoleonic Wars. Mrs. Harrison served as first lady from 1889 until her death on October 25, 1892. Her daughter, Mary Scott Harrison McKee, subsequently took over as White House hostess after Mrs. Harrison's passing.