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  • This landscape was done by Andrew Wyeth. The painting features a large crescent moon positioned next to the planet Jupiter in the evening sky, hovering over the shore. The astronomical features are also reflected in the quiet surface of a lake that fills the lower half of the canvas. Wyeth was lauded as one of the best-known American painters of the mid-20th century. Wyeth's father Newell Convers (N.C.) and sister Henriette also have work in the White House Collection.
    Keywords: landscape
    Last Modified: 7/17/2017
    File name: 8706.tif
  • This photograph by White House photographer Paul Morse shows President George W. Bush waving before entering Air Force One on April 25th, 2001. President Bush was en route to New Orleans, Louisiana. The presidential limousine can be seen in the foreground.
    Keywords: transportation, Air Force One
    Last Modified: 7/13/2017
    File name: 4066.tif
  • This is a lithograph of the Federal Hall of the City of New York. Before the capital was moved to the Federal City of Washington, it operated in New York City. New York was the first United States capital after the ratification of the Constitution. This print was made by Charles Currier, who based it on a drawing by John Joseph Holland.
    Keywords: New York
    Last Modified: 7/13/2017
    File name: 1113263.tiff
  • This is a photograph of future president Benjamin Harrison in 1854 at the age of 21. He had married his wife, Caroline Lavinia Scott, a year before this photograph was taken. After a short stay in Cincinnati, the couple moved to Indianapolis, Indiana where Harrison continued his practice of law. By 1855 he had entered into a partnership with William Wallace to open their own law practice.
    Keywords: portrait
    Last Modified: 7/13/2017
    File name: 1113275.tif
  • This is a photograph of the North Front of the White House during the Ronald Reagan administration. In this photograph, layers of paint have been stripped off of the White House in preparation for a new coat of paint. Scaffolding covered the left side of the North Front so painters could work on the restoration.
    Keywords: north view, north portico
    Last Modified: 7/13/2017
    File name: 1113260.tiff
  • This photograph is of First Lady Caroline Scott Harrison with her grandson Benjamin Harrison McKee, known fondly as "Baby McKee." She was married to President Benjamin Harrison and served as first lady until her death in 1892. In this photograph, the two are located on the South Portico of the White House.
    Keywords: portrait
    Last Modified: 7/13/2017
    File name: 1113256.tif
  • This is a photograph that shows an aerial view of Pennsylvania Avenue starting from the White House and ending at the Capitol Building. Other sites visible in this shot are the Department of the Treasury building and the Old Post Office Pavilion.
    Keywords: aerial view, Washington, D.C.
    Last Modified: 7/13/2017
    File name: 1113271.tiff